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"Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being"- J Stanford

My name is Dominique. My story, like everyone else’s has been a long journey of many hardships and self-discovery. I’ve believed in reincarnation since I was a little girl. I am the “rebel” or “black sheep” of the family and if you're here then a part of you must relate. I've felt different than everyone else and have been told I was a sensitive child. If you've been told this too then you're in the right place. Beautiful soul, I SEE you and I am HONORED that you have arrived. I am excited walk along side your journey. You never have to feel alone again. Welcome to living YOUR greatest DESTINY. 

With over 12 years of experience as a multi-faceted healer and psychic reader, I have been blessed to study with Shamans, Medicinal Healers, Leaders and Teachers from around the world. I have led and facilitated many courses, ceremonies and workshops over the years. Working with me will give you a high level of esoteric education, embodiment, skill, and self mastery.

1:1 Mentorship


The  planet  is  changing  and  so is humanity. THE DAWN OF THE  6TH  SUN  has arrived. The FEMININE  power  has  entered the planet causing a massive shift and ripple effect on the WORLD. As we enter this new PARADIGM, we are being pushed to do the internal work. This  mentorship  is  a  three-month  commitment  to  yourself  and  your  GREATEST destiny. This is so much more than an average course. IT is a LIFESTYLE, an INITIATION, and an entire HEALING system meant to guide you back to source. See the "courses" page for a more in depth description of the transformation you will receive. 


Tom Pryor

Dominique is a mysterious, mystical creature created by God. She has truly been a blessing to me. The ripples she's caused in me will not stop with me. She is making such a positive difference in this world and in me. I owe her my life and am eternally grateful.


Sherry Wilber

This was the most energetically powerful thing I have ever experienced for myself and for my ancestors. Now my confidence and trust in myself and my intuition grow stronger each and everyday.


Anna Bakalian

Dom is AMAZING!!! In the last 8 months, she has helped me get in tune with myself; both mind and body. I always feel healthier, relaxed, aware and further in tune with myself after a session with Dominique. I love working with her!!

The New Earth Has Arrived

The Feminine brings with her the shift. Now is the time to rise.

The shift is a return of BALANCE between the polarities. Whereas the past cycle, the masculine (Patriarchy) has dominated. The feminine has returned and with her she brings power, equanimity, equality, justice, and liberation.

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Break THE Generational Cycles

The Cycles of your ancestors that were not healed have been transferred over through epigenetics into your DNA and essentially your life. We are LIVING out trauma and patterns that are not naturally ours to carry and are passed down through the GENERATIONS. I am here to REMIND you that you have the POWER to BREAK these cycles. It can and will END with you! 


As an Ancestral healer and teacher, I guide you through a step-by-step process facilitating the energetic release of these traumas and ailments from both you and your ancestors. It will heal 7 Generations back and 7 Generations forward. A practice that comes from the Toltec Lineage of Shamanic healing. Go to the COURSES page to continue reading a more in-depth description of this work and how you can LIBERATE yourself.



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